Terms of use

Terms of use



§ 2.1 Users’ Behavior
Each User warrants:

  • he or she is an adult;
  • he or she uses and will use the Website lawfully, and exclusively in order to search or offer employment opportunities and/or supply the Website with lawful data relating to recruitment; that all data he or she supplies is accurate, true and up-to-date.

Users shall conduct themselves in a responsible, lawful, courteous and a respectful manner on the Website with other Users. As a result, Users shall not among other things:

  • download to the Website, display, send by email or transmit by any other means to the Website any content that is illegal, harmful, threatening, abusive, denigrating, harassing, criminal, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, indecent, unlawful, privacy infringing, hateful, odious, or unfriendly or that is shocking from a racial, ethnic or other point of view;
  • download to the Website, display, send by email or transmit by any other means to the Website any computer virus, worm or other potentially damaging computer programs, codes or files to disrupt,
  • destroy or limit functionalities of the Website, the Structure, the Content, the Databases, the Software, or any software or hardware;
  • disturb or interrupt the Website and/or the servers or networks connected to the Website, or infringe any requirements, procedures, rules or regulations of the networks connected to the Website;
  • attempt to harm any User’s use of the Website, the hosting provider, or the network, which includes, without limitation, endangering the Website (e.g., virus risk), causing overloading, flooding the server, spamming the email box(es) of the Website, overloading the message service of the Website forging the header of any data packet of the TCP/IP protocol or any other part of the information of any e-mail header;
  • access information not intended for them or enter into a server or account to which they are not authorized to access;
  • attempt to assess, observe or test the vulnerability of the Website, or infringe security or authentication measures without any prior written consent from LIREA;
  • misuse the identity of any other person, whether such person is a User or not;
  • conduct any unlawful activity or any other activity that may harm the rights of LIREA, its suppliers, providers, retailers, advertisers or any other person, or encourage a third party to conduct such an
  • unlawful or detrimental activity;
  • transmit or transfer (by any means) information, documents, data, or programs deriving from the Website, including to any other countries or to any foreign nationals in violation of national or international laws or regulations.


§ 2.2 Safety of Personal Accounts
After registering on the Website, Users will be contacted by all means mail/phone/email. If the registration is confirmed by Lirea, Users will be requested to ask Lirea by email (at login@lirea-group.com) for a personal ID and password in order to be able to access their personal account. Users are recommended to change their password when they sign in on the Website in their personal account for the first time.
Users are solely responsible for keeping their personal ID and passwords confidential and inaccessible. In case of loss or theft or in case any User believes that a third party has accessed his or her personal account, such User shall immediately inform LIREA. LIREA may then, if and to the extent possible, cancel the authorizations to access the account of such User or deliver a new login and password.
Users acknowledge they are perfectly informed that, given the current state of the art, it is strictly impossible for LIREA to ensure the absence of intrusion into the Website and to ensure that their personal account is not destroyed, and/or modified or altered in any way by another User or any third party, whether maliciously or not, including through a virus, worm or any other code or instruction affecting or infecting the Website.