What We Do

Permanent Recruitment

Executive Search solutions
War of talents can be a reality for some of our clients. Some roles demand is expanded faster than the talent pool: competition for top talent is fierce, attracting them requires Executive Search. LIREA uses his specialist knowledge, new generation profiling tools and global network to successfully deliver retained search and selection projects being an exclusive partner of choice for our clients. Our creativity based on our knowledge of the business model characteristics allows us to create safe bridges between industry sectors.

Advertised selection
When direct experience in an industry sector is not an essential requirement and our clients are searching for transferable skills, Advertised Selection is a much more effective recruitment method. Other reasons can drive LIREA to advise the client to do so: Employer Branding, Cost, Availability.

Proactive Search
In a candidate driven market, clients need to acquire talent wherever possible accommodating roles to acquire the adequate talent. Partnering with our clients, LIREA can help them achieve their Sourcing Strategy objectives by reducing the time to fill and the cost of global recruitment strategies.