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Global Recruiting

LIREA INTERNATIONAL operates at Mid to Senior Management which includes Expert profiles. Those Talents can be incorporated on a temporary or permanent basis with various contractual formulas. Most of our Clients are evolving in truly global industry sectors. LIREA offers to go along with them when they need it by sourcing the Talent or the skills wherever he stands. Our offer is completed by an integrated solution targeting the firms facing major changes.

To provide a global and flexible approach in perfect adequacy with the economical and organizational world our clients are facing,
LIREA has 3 main areas of action: 

  • Executive Search Solutions
  • Consulting Services
  • Interim Management Solutions


Working with LIREA gets you, Dear Client, the benefits of a large firm with the personalized and flexible touch of a boutique.

Permanent Recruitment

Executive Search solutions
War of talents can be a reality for some of our clients. Some roles demand is expanded faster than the talent pool: competition for top talent is fierce, attracting them requires Executive Search. LIREA uses his specialist knowledge, new generation profiling tools and global network to successfully deliver retained search and selection projects being an exclusive partner of choice for our clients. Our creativity based on our knowledge of the business model characteristics allows us to create safe bridges between industry sectors.

Advertised selection
When direct experience in an industry sector is not an essential requirement and our clients are searching for transferable skills, Advertised Selection is a much more effective recruitment method. Other reasons can drive LIREA to advise the client to do so : Employer Branding, Cost, Availability.

Proactive Search
In a candidate driven market, clients need to acquire talent wherever possible, accommodating roles to acquire the adequate talent. Partnering with our clients, LIREA can help them achieve their Sourcing Strategy objectives by reducing the time to fill and the cost of global recruitment strategies.

Consulting services

LIREA, thanks to his Business Partner Talent Q which provides tools and full training to our team, delivers Consulting Services to help our clients optimize their decision in different phases such as Change, Development, Recruiting and Potential:

  • By Profiling Job and Individuals through Assessment for Recruitment
  • By Profiling Teams and Organizations through Assessment for Restructuring & Change

Profiling Jobs & Individuals
LIREA supports clients in the recruitment of people at managers & professionals level to assess factors such as potential, derailment risks, team and board fit, intellectual capacity and operating style. Our services can be applied not only to hiring scenarios, but also to management team due diligence – assessing whole teams to support investment decisions, M&A scenarios or other ‘capital events’.
Ad hoc Surveys
LIREA can also provide to our clients valuable tailored-made studies or surveys such as salary survey for a specific team with international benchmark, such as study for setting up of a new office in a country.
Profiling Teams and Organizations
LIREA is able to support organizations facing significant change such as restructuring or rapid expansion thanks to the identification and streaming of talent for the new organizational context, identification of potential and performance management. Our work adds objectivity to an often unwelcome and subjective task.

Interim Management

LIREA stands by your side in downturns as well as in expansion periods with our Interim Managers community providing a cost-effective alternative to traditional consulting firms.

How? LIREA provides high quality management solutions to companies undergoing periods of significant change and transition offering various formulas to integrate the Interim Manager depending on the assignment type, the risk policy, the budget and the skill set required to run projects, companies or specific roles with measurable defined goals and objectives. During the assignment, The Interim Manager brings his consulting skills, his international exposure, his senior Operations experience and his capacity as trouble-shooter to smooth the difficulties along and get the full Clients satisfaction.

Interim Management (with or without Change Management)
Vacancy of a High-Added Value Profile in specific period can create stressed situations for our Clients organization which need to be immediately addressed. LIREA put at your disposal transition senior professionals with wide-ranging business experience or with very specific skills set.

Change Management / Transitional Coaching
Through over skilled and proven successful experienced Change Managers, LIREA allows our Clients to overkill the crisis situation, to accelerate the change leadership or /and to minimize the risks. Our LIREA Change Managers will be able to deliver and make the difference in context of Downturns, Growths, Risk Management when our clients lack bench strength abroad, when Private Equity firms and Portfolio companies undergoing transition. Our field of interventions will be CEO, COO, CFO, CIO and Executive HR Managers.

Project Expert Management
LIREA offers a variety of Experts for very targeted projects in the field of Audit & Compliance, Finance (Reporting, controlling, Accounting, Treasury), Information technology (IT Audit / Financial & HR systems), Operations Management (Shared Services, Business Process Improvement, discontinued Operations).

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